Can Bacon and Gammons Be Frozen

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frozen gammon

Can Bacon and Gammons Be Frozen

Yes, you can freeze all our bacon and Gammon. However… a point to remember.
Freezing is great for convenience and it will help you save more as the bulk buy is available on many of our pork products online.

How To Freeze Bacon and Gammons
There is a way to freeze bacon and gammon to keep it is tasty as possible. Always wrap the bacon or gammon as carefully as possible. Brown paper or aluminium foil is good as you want to prevent frost from forming on the outer layers of the bacon.
Wrap initially in greaseproof paper or baking sheets, followed by the foil and or brown paper. Don’t think you are overdoing it.
The problem with freezing especially over a longer period of time is the ice crystals formed in the bacon do cause the product to lose its juices when you defrost it. Therefore it can lose some of the beautiful flavours we have taken many months to produce.
So, get wrapping. Freeze the day it is delivered to you and wrap as much as possible.

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