About Wiltshire Bacon Co.

When I founded The Wiltshire Bacon Company it was out of the desire to bring great tasting British outdoor-reared pork and pork dishes like British back bacon to restaurants and households around the UK. I already had many years experience in the food industry. During that time I had come to realise that the majority of bacon that was on shop shelves tended to be imported or had a high content of preservatives and water. Bacon producers were charging either premium prices for their non-British products or the lower-cost producers were selling bacon but often cutting corners to keep their prices down.

With that in mind, I decided that we should source 100% British pigs, ensure they were fed well on high-quality feed, living in happy outdoor environments so as to produce 100% British pork products of the highest quality. Over the last twenty-odd years that same ethos of quality British pork remains with us today and is fundamental in our approach to provide you with the best tasting British bacon and high-quality pork products.

Our British bacon attracts the best chefs and cooks (in restaurants and homes alike) allowing them to create great-tasting dishes that are second to none. We welcome you to try our mouth-watering Wiltshire dry-cured bacon and other tasty pork dish products such as British gammon joints and see for yourself.

Multi Award Winning Wiltshire Bacon

Our entire team at Wiltshire Bacon Company, some of whom have been with us for over 20 years, is dedicated to our goal of becoming the best British bacon and British pork producer on the market.

We are proud to have achieved 10 Gold Awards and 8 Silver Awards for our products. Also winning Best Manufacturer 2014 in the Wiltshire Enterprise Awards. If you have any questions about our outdoor-reared British pork, please contact the Wiltshire Bacon team and we’ll be happy to help.