Dry Cured Bacon

Dry Cured Bacon

No colourings, chemicals or water is added to our bacon, so unlike the typical supermarket bacon, our Wiltshire bacon rashers will not shrivel in the pan. We work to our own specification developed over years of experience to create the most sensational bacon you will ever taste. Curing salts are massaged into the pork to allow those exquisite flavours to develop, without an overwhelming salty taste.

We have a range of rind on or rindless smoked bacon, unsmoked bacon and streaky bacon here to cover all tastes and recipes you can find. But don’t just take our word for it – we have a mantlepiece full of awards to prove it. Including a Taste of The West Gold every year from 2012 to date, Gold Bacon Connoisseurs week and Gold at the Bacon Revolution Awards.

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About Our Bacon

Each dry-cured bacon rasher is produced from our British outdoor-reared pigs. Our pigs are given as much space to roam outside as they like because we know pigs that have a good, happy life make the most delicious bacon.

Try some of our recipes

Our amazing bacon recipes are made using our quality award-winning bacon. Try some of our delicious bacon sandwich recipes here.

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