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Gammon Hock 1.1-1.5kg

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Gammon Hock comes from the bottom of the leg of a pig.  You may have heard to referred to as the shank or pork knuckle.   Our hocks are available in unsmoked or smoked.   The hocks will need to be braised or roasted for an extended period of time to produce very tender and succulent meat with the amazing flavours.

Hocks are ideal for adding to recipes because of their intense flavour.  As an added bonus, once you have used the hock for your main recipe you will be left with a great stock base for stews, soups and broth.

All our products are suitable for home freezing so you can pull out a pack for any day and defrost in a few hours. Try our Recipes for Gammon for some great meal ideas.

How do you cook it?
Gammon Hock cooked in Cola

Size: 1.1-1.5kg
Serves: 1-2 people
Curing: Unsmoked
Rind: Rind On


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