Wiltshire Bacon Offer

Save on fuel and parking and order from the comfort of your armchair.   Our delivery charges are enjoying a summer sale at the moment so for just £3.50 now you can order as much as you like.   Even better, once you hit the £50 value your postage is free! 




School’s out and there is a house full of hungry kids all summer.Our 1.5 kilo Family Pack of Unsmoked Back Bacon will mean that you always have a supply of bacon on hand.   Start the day with a bacon sandwich, or why not try our latest Bacon Muffin recipe.    These are also ideal for picnics so make plenty as they are delicious.   This kid’s will love them, and our organic pork is cured without any colourings or chemicals so you will love it too!.

This cut of bacon comes from the loin of British outdoor reared pigs.   It is produced in a fully-accredited EC facility, beautifully cured so that you enjoy a deliciously intense flavour of the pork.   As a result this is the most popular cut of bacon.

Family packs are ideal for freezing.  Simply divide the pack up and take out of the freezer on demand.

Our family pack priced at £15 is a saving of 25% off our individual packs.   Even better we are offering 2 packs for just £22.00.   Shop now


All our products are delivered fresh to your door in temperature controlled boxes.  This means they are suitable for home freezing on day of delivery.  Consequently, our offer allows you to bulk buy so that you have a range of top quality pork products on hand at all times.

We are offering our loyal customers free delivery on all orders over £50.  Simply enter the code Free50 in at the checkout.

Most noteworthy is that Wiltshire Bacon only use outdoor reared British Pigs to produce our products.   Furthermore, we don’t use colourings or chemicals and all our products are clearly labelled.

Finally, in an age where we are all very conscious of our environment all our packaging is fully recyclable.

Start shopping now and enjoy our Wiltshire Bacon Offer