Slipper Gammon

Slipper joints are small, lean cuts of pork with no rind, taken from the inside of the leg, trimmed well and cured. Slipper gammon is ideal for roasting or boiling. If boiled, it will create what is sometimes referred to as ‘mini ham’ – an extremely tender and succulent ham. Slipper gammon joints are a great choice if you want ham for a small number of people. Depending on exact size, our smaller slipper joints serve 2 – 3 people and our larger slipper gammon joints serve 3 – 4 people. All gammon joints are available smoked or unsmoked. To serve with slipper gammon joints, we would recommend some of the delicious chutneys like In A Pickle Lily complement our gammon beautifully.

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  • Unsmoked Slipper Gammon Joint
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    Unsmoked Slipper Gammon Joint

    Unsmoked Slipper Gammon Joint - a small, deliciously lean cut of pork.   Taken from the inside of the leg, this joint of the pig is trimmed well and cured. No rind on. Weight: 1.3-1.5kg