Native Breed Pigs

These breeds of pig have fallen away over the years as the demand for cheaper meat by the supermarket has driven the price down and productivity up. They are all ‘slow growing’ so not commercially viable to the big sellers on the high street.

Our customers today are more interested in the provenance and quality of their bacon – its breed, how it is raised and of  course the outstanding flavour and texture.

We have linked with as many farmers in the area that produce for us the various breeds. We then cure the pork to our same exacting standards as all our other bacon.

These pigs are produced from pedigree herds in a free range system, allowing the pigs to live and roam at free, whilst eating what and when they choose to.  Hence the good covering of fat on the products that contributes to the outstanding flavour and quality.


We all recognise this one as the ‘ginger pig’ and considered as one of Britain’s oldest breeds. It has a lean look about it-long snout and long legs-they are excellent rotavators’.

Rated by us as producing the very finest bacon. Now considered as a vulnerable breed by the Rare Breed Survival Trust.

A hardy pig that lives outdoors all year round, certainly active and inquisitive. They are great escape artists as well which keeps the farmers busy with the fencing!


Prized for juiciness,flavour and tenderness the Berkshire pork is heavily marbled making it suitable for long slow cooking.The marbling is always a representation of what they eat,free-range rooting around throughout the day for shoots,roots and anything tasty!

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