Gammon Hock

Gammon Hocks

We are asked for all types of hock-ham hock, gammon hock, bacon knuckle, gammon shank….and many others!

Essentially its one of the same thing.  ‘A joint taken from the end of the gammon and before the trotter’.  Now we can include the front leg and of course left and right legs but we still get the same -gammon hock.

You will often see recipes using ham hocks.  Quite simply this will be a cooked Gammon Hock.

Naturally Smoked or unsmoked it is simple and delicious and has to be one of the most satisfying joints to cook with.

Try our recipes for Gammon Hocks and you will be pleasantly surprised.

After searching the country for a triple smoked bacon joint, gammon or hock with no success, I finally found the Wiltshire Bacon Company. When I explained what I was looking for, instead of getting a negative, unhelpful response, Louise spoke to her boss and within minutes I was told that what I wanted could be done and my order was taken.  My triple smoked ham hock arrived today beautifully packed and just as I wanted.  Well done to you all and a big thank you from a very satisfied customer.

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