Cured using our own traditional method, with no chemicals or water retainers used. Our Gammon is trimmed to an extremely high standard by our in-house butchers, in order to meet our very exacting specifications.

Buy with the confidence knowing that our pigs are outdoor reared in the beautiful British countryside from a high welfare farm which produces our succulent and tender pork. Its’ good eating quality has seen it be used by top UK chefs and Michelin star restaurants.

All our Gammon Steaks and Joints, whether smoked or unsmoked, are suitable for home freezing and are delicious eaten hot or cold after cooking.

For tips and hints on how to get the most out of your meals, see our Gammon recipes page

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  • Gammon Hock
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    Gammon Hock

    Gammon Hock 1.1-1.5kg
  • Whole Unsmoked Horseshoe Gammon
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    Whole Unsmoked Horseshoe Gammon

    Whole unsmoked horseshoe gammon joint. Ready to roast. Serves approx 32 people
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    Unsmoked Oyster Gammon Joint

    Our delicious unsmoked oyster joints have no use of colourings, artificial colourings and dyes, so you can be assured of the highest quality gammon.
  • Unsmoked Slipper Gammon Joint
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    Unsmoked Slipper Gammon Joint

    Unsmoked Slipper Gammon Joint - a small, deliciously lean cut of pork.   Taken from the inside of the leg, this joint of the pig is trimmed well and cured. No rind on.
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    Unsmoked Horseshoe Gammon Joint

  • Gammon Steaks
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    Gammon Steaks


About Gammon Joints

Gammon is the hind leg of pork after it is cured. Available smoked and unsmoked and like bacon, it needs to be cooked before eating. There are many ways to serve our delicious gammon so we offer three different cuts for you – Oyster, Slipper and Horseshoe Gammon.

Try some of our recipes

Buy online and have it delivered directly to your door in temperature controlled boxes. Our recipes are made using our amazing joints, hock and steaks. Try some of our delicious recipes here.

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Ham Hock Terrine
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Perfect Gammon Pasta
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