Fore-End Bacon Joints

Like our collar bacon joint, the fore-end bacon joint comes from the shoulder of pork where there’s plenty of muscle. This means plenty of flavour because of the fat you get between those muscles. The fore-end joint is leaner than the collar joint but still beautifully flavoursome. And since it comes without the bone but with the rind, it’s perfect for roasting (it makes great crackling) or for boiling and then glazing and serving in thick, succulent slices. Visit our recipes for pork to get our recipe for a delicious glaze. Our fore-end pork joints are available smoked or unsmoked.

Smoked Fore-end Joints

Why not try our smoked fore-end joints if you prefer the smoky tones?. A sixteen-hour smoking process over oak chips fills this cut with the most amazing depth of flavour.

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