Collar Bacon Joints

Collar bacon joints are the cut from the shoulder of the pig, creating excellent joints of pork for roasting or boiling when it becomes very tender and juicy.

Collar joints are beautifully marbled with fat so are full of flavour. We like to think that the way we look after our pigs, rearing them outdoors with plenty of fresh air, makes them taste even better too. Our butchers cure the meat according to our own finely-honed, traditional method, using absolutely no nasty chemical additives. You can also buy our collar of bacon joints smoked. We use oak chips and a long, slow smoking process to give the meat the best possible flavour. These joints of pork are suitable for home-freezing, so they’re perfect to keep on hand for Sunday lunch.

Smoked Collar Bacon Joints

Our Smoked British bacon collar joints are smoked up to 16 hours over oak chips for a fabulous flavour. We never use artificial flavourings or colourings in our pork and you can taste the difference this makes. These joints of pork have beautiful marbling of fat that is particularly well suited to smoking, creating the most wonderful depth of flavour.

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