Smoked Fore End Bacon Joint


Smoked Fore End Bacon Joint


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Smoked Fore-End Bacon Joint.  This succulent boneless fore-end joint of pork makes an ideal mid-week supper.

The joint comes from the shoulder of the pig where there is plenty of muscle. This means plenty of favour because of the fat layered between the muscles.

The pork is smoked slowly over oak chips using no tasters or colourings.

Ready to cook and perfect for roasting to provide incredible crackling.   Try our recipe for the perfect way to cook your joint

Also ideal served cold and sliced for tasty sandwiches.  Larger sizes available so suitable for catering for big parties.

Curing: Smoked
Rind: Rind On
Fat: Plenty of marbling

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850g – 1.2kg (1.85lb – 2.65lb), 1.3kg – 1.7kg (2.85lb – 3.75lb), 1.8kg – 2.2kg (3.95lb – 4.85lb), 2.3kg – 2.7kg (5lb – 5.95lb), 2.8kg – 3.5kg (6.1lb – 7.7lb)


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