Smoked Collar Bacon Joint (Subscription)

Smoked Collar Bacon Joint (Subscription)

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Oak smoked bacon collar joints, with the rind on. No water, colouring or chemicals are added to our British pork and each smoked collar bacon joint is very tender due to the amount of marbling which also makes it easy to cook. Available in different sizes, smoked or unsmoked.

Bacon collar joints are the shoulders of the pork in a piece rather than sliced. Our collar bacon joints are produced from British outdoor reared pigs so they have lots of flavour. Delivered in chilled boxes direct to your door.

Curing: Smoked
Rind: Rind On
Fat: Plenty of marbling

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850g – 1.2kg (1.85lb – 2.65lb), 1.3kg – 1.7kg (2.85lb – 3.75lb), 1.8kg – 2.2kg (3.95lb – 4.85lb), 2.3kg – 2.7kg (5lb – 5.95lb), 2.8kg – 3.5kg (6.1lb – 7.7lb)


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