Sizzling Sausage Deal

Sizzling Sausage Deal

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Chilli Pork Sausagesginger porkPork chive

Sizzling Sausage Deal – Delicious gourmet sausages made only with primal pork from British outdoor reared pigs.   Mixed with herbs, spices and seasonings to bring these sausages to life.   Because they are so tasty, they will brighten up your barbecue this summer.  Likewise they will bring any sausage recipe to life.

Our Summer deal will give you the opportunity to try something new.   Serve with hot crusty bed and one of our In a pickle Chutneys that is also included in the deal, and serve yourself up a tasty serving!

The deal includes 500g packs of the following:

Chilli Sausage

Ginger & Spring Onion

Pork & Chive

273g jar In a Pickle Chutney (flavour may vary) 

balsamic onion relish sauce