Collar Bacon Joint


Collar Bacon Joint


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Collar Bacon Joints from outdoor-reared pigs, the amazing taste and flavours are down to the wonderful marbling, its curing and the care and attention given to this product by our staff that makes it special. Not to forget the great job our pig farmers do rearing the pigs outside. It’s a combination that works.

Recipes for collar joints are endless, check out our pork recipes or email us if you would like to add yours!

Curing: Unsmoked
Rind: Rind On
Fat: Plenty of marbling

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850g – 1.2kg, 1.3kg – 1.7kg, 1.8kg – 2.2kg, 2.3kg – 2.7kg, 2.8kg – 3.5kg

2 reviews for Collar Bacon Joint

  1. I ordered an 3.5kg
    unsmoked collar joint. It was very reasonably priced, quite enough to carry
    the P&P by itself, and arrived swiftly and in good condition. Would have
    been five stars!

    Here in trendy foodie North London, I don’t know a butcher who will sell a
    collar joint.

    As would the bacon joint I ordered from you last year, but at the time the
    carrier lost it for a few days and it was too late for the celebration it
    was planned for. Though it did arrive unharmed a day late; and was
    delicious. I was peeved by the no-show, but you did everything you could,
    and when it wasn’t enough refused to take my money. Good service is only
    really known when things go wrong. And very honourable.

    I should tell all my friends about you: I’m just slightly worried there
    won’t be any left for me…

  2. many thanks, excellent service and beautiful bacon perfect!

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