Berkshire Unsmoked Rind-On Back Bacon

Berkshire Unsmoked Rind-On Back Bacon


Unsmoked Back Bacon with the rind on, produced from Berkshire outdoor reared pigs

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Top view of single silce fresh bacon isolated on whiteOur Berkshire Unsmoked Rind-On Back Bacon is from Free-range British pigs.  The Bacon is  beautifully cured giving you a deliciously full flavour.

Berkshire pigs are a rare breed of pig originating from the English County of Berkshire.   The free-range pigs are allowed to roam throughout the day searching for shoots, roots and anything tasty to eat.    Because of this the net result is a deliciously tasty and tender product.

With the rind kept on, the best way to cook our Berkshire Unsmoked Rind-On Bacon is to fry in a little oil until the rind is crispy.  Serve immediately.  Alternatively, you can fry or grill each rasher and leave to cool before chopping into bite-size pieces and adding to your favourite recipes.

Size: 350g
Serves: 4 people
Curing: Unsmoked
Thickness: Approximately 4mm
Rind: Rind On
Fat: Lean


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