What are Bacon Joints

Ever wondered what the difference between a collar bacon joint and a fore end bacon joint? Well, first of all, bacon joints are a great alternative to gammon joints. Bacon joints are from the front end of the pig and carry more marbled fat which is in between the muscles or 'intramuscular' to get technical. This produces tender, moist joints, full of flavour. Easy to cook bacon joints, no need to pre-soak and can be frozen if you wish. What are Collar Bacon Joints? Collar [...]

Can Sausages be Frozen

Yes, you can freeze all our sausages as we start with fresh pork, ie, not previously frozen. Freezing is great for convenience and it will help you save more as the bulk buy is available on many of our pork products online. How To Freeze Sausages There is a way to freeze sausages to keep them as tasty as possible. Always wrap the sausages as carefully as possible. Brown paper or aluminium foil is good as you want to prevent frost from [...]

Why is Wiltshire Dry Cured Smoked Bacon different?

We are asked this question quite often and we're more than happy to explain the difference between our Wiltshire dry cured smoked bacon compared to others.  Our bacon is dry cured and then Naturally Oak Smoked. What's the difference between Naturally Oak Smoked Dry Cured Wiltshire Bacon and commercially smoked bacon? Essentially we are smoking bacon today to produce the characteristic flavours we like to enjoy. It is actually one of the oldest food preservation methods. This is achieved in various ways: Wiltshire Dry [...]

How is Dry Cured Bacon and Injected Bacon Different

We are asked this question quite often and we're more than happy to explain the difference.  All Our bacon is dry cured. What's the difference between dry cured bacon and injected bacon? Dry (adj): Free or relatively free from moisture or liquid and especially water. Dry (noun): The process or an instance of drying. So by definition, our process is drying the pork to produce a dry product free from added water. All sounds good but how is bacon dry cured? We dry cure our bacon [...]

How Do You Cook a Horseshoe Gammon Joint

To Cook a Horseshoe Gammon Joint follow these simple recipe steps: Place joint in a roasting tin, cover with foil and roast for the calculated cooking time Remove foil 20-30 minutes before the end of the cooking time Add your favourite glaze 20 minutes before the end of the cooking time Wiltshire Bacons succulent horseshoe gammon joints are perfect for a celebratory event or Boxing Day feast as they have no bone. Remember, it's gammon when it's raw and ham when cooked.