Author - Chris

Pigs in blankets, black pudding style  

With black pudding being described as a Superfood and our sausages containing over 85% prime pork, this seasonal treat can be used to provide an alternative snack for all the family at any time of the year.  All you need is 1 pack of Wiltshire Bacon Streaky Bacon, 200g of Black Pudding Roll and 6 Wiltshire Bacon Thick Pork Sausages Remove the skin from the black pudding and trim off each end.  Cut the black pudding roll in half and then [...]

Why we think our Sausages are special at Wiltshire Bacon

As soon as you bite into one of our sausages you will instantly recognise the difference from most sausages you are likely to have eaten. Not only are all our products made from British Outdoor Reared Pork, when we make our sausages, we use a natural casing which means that it is not artificially manufactured   You will also find that this means no two sausages are the same shape or size! By comparison when you buy a sausage from most retail [...]