Author - Wiltshire Bacon Co

Tasty Gammon Strips

This easy recipe for gammon strips won’t take you too long to prepare, just fifteen minutes for preparation and cooking. They’re an ideal, quick snack with a beautiful look and taste – even more so with our very own gammon steaks from outdoor-reared pigs. Ingredients 250g tasty gammon steaks 5 tablespoons olive oil 3 tablespoons sesame oil A tablespoon honey (of the less viscous variety) 80ml soy sauce 60ml red wine vinegar 2 eggs Lettuce or other salad 50g blueberries 50g dried cranberries Salt and pepper Step 1 Create a dressing my whisking [...]

How is Dry Cured Bacon and Injected Bacon Different

We are asked this question quite often and we're more than happy to explain the difference.  All Our bacon is dry cured. What's the difference between dry cured bacon and injected bacon? Dry (adj): Free or relatively free from moisture or liquid and especially water. Dry (noun): The process or an instance of drying. So by definition, our process is drying the pork to produce a dry product free from added water. All sounds good but how is bacon dry cured? We dry cure our bacon [...]

Roast Gammon with Orange & Chilli

This is a great twist on the classic honey-glazed ham, using our oyster gammon joint. The oyster gammon joint is a beautifully succulent cut of pork with the fat and rind left on, perfect for roasting and taking a glaze. First the joint is boiled in ginger beer with bay and sage (which has a lovely warmth to it, great for pairing with spice), then it’s smothered with honey, chilli and orange and roasted until the top is a [...]