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Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Cheddar

Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Cheddar.  Simplicity often produces some of the best recipes-this is one that has to be tried. This particular delight uses our smoked streaky bacon from British outdoor-reared pigs alongside fresh chives and topped with a good cheddar cheese. Ingredients 4 good sized baking potatoes bunch fresh chives 125g butter a small tub of sour cream 4 spring onions 350g beautiful smoked streaky bacon (unlike most supermarket bacon, Wiltshire Bacon’s isn’t watered down so it won’t shrink much when cooked) 150g Cheddar cheese-grated black [...]

Roast Loin of Pork

If you browse the internet for Roast Loin of Pork there has been a lot of different methods posted and researched to produce the ultimate roast pork loin and of course the crispy crackling. Some of it makes very interesting reading-methods suggested include blow torches and hot air guns! It is easier than it seems and if you follow this example you should have perfectly roasted pork and crackling. Step 1 Start with the Outdoor Reared Pork Loin. The pork has a [...]

How To Cook a Smoked Gammon Joint

How to cook a Smoked Gammon Joint. Boiled, baked or roasted, smoked gammon joints are a traditional meal served in many British homes.  The type of wood chips that the gammon joints are smoked over determines their smoky flavour.  Ours are smoked over oak chips, for a period of 14 to 16 hours, to create our truly incredible flavour, with no extra colours added.  A Smoked Gammon Joint is an ideal meal for busy cooks because it's simple enough to [...]

The difference between Ham and Bacon

What is the difference between Ham and Bacon? The difference between Ham and Bacon starts right at the beginning of the process.  Ham can be cut from the hind leg of a pig or from other parts of the carcass, so it's a slightly less specific term.  Bacon is pork meat cut from parts of the pig other than the legs, such as the back, loin, collar or the belly. Other differences are that Bacon is sold raw and must be [...]

How to Cook a Gammon Slipper Joint

We often get asked how to cook a Gammon Slipper Joint at this is one of the less common joints.   The answer is it is very simple. Method: Remove packaging and immerse the gammon slipper joint in cold water for 12-24 hours. Remove from cold water and place the gammon slipper joint into a large lidded saucepan and add cold water until the ham is almost covered and put on the heat. Allow 15-20 minutes of cooking time per lb of meat. [...]

Crispy Black Pudding and Bacon Carbonara

Bacon Carbonara is a great classic pasta dish. To give it a twist we've added crispy pieces of Black Pudding sprinkled on top, which compliments our Wiltshire streaky bacon beautifully with the rich creamy cheese sauce. Carbonara Ingredients: 5 rashers of Dry Cure Wiltshire Streaky Bacon 2 egg yolks 100ml double cream 1 lemon A handful of parsley, chopped Black pepper and salt Fresh Parmesan 2 slices of Black pudding 250gm Spaghetti Serves 2 Method Step 1 Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the packet. In the meantime, chop up the bacon and get [...]

How do I cook a Gammon Joint?

I regularly get asked how do I cook a Gammon Joint?  It is a really simple no-fuss method for Cooking your gammon joints. Cooking Method: Step 1: Place your Gammon joint in a large pan and cover with cold water, add cloves, black peppercorns or bay leaves to flavour, if required. Step 2: Bring the water to the boil, then reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes per 450g plus 20 minutes or until thoroughly cooked. That's it! Enjoy. Prefer to roast your Gammon? Why not [...]

What is the difference between Gammon and Ham

Understanding the difference between Gammon and Ham? When people ask what is the difference between gammon and ham it is quite simply that the gammon joint will be sold raw and needs to be cooked.  Once you have cooked the joint it then becomes ham. Ham is sold already cooked, often sliced, or dry-cured and ready for eating. Gammon is the name given to the meat from the hind legs of a pig that has been cured in the same way as [...]

Streaky Bacon with Soup

A warming soup is all the better with rashers of our streaky bacon. This leek and potato soup is especially good with bacon added, but really you can use any ingredients you like and improve with Wiltshire bacon. This recipe serves six people, but it’s easy to increase or decrease the quantities to serve more or fewer people. Ingredients At least three rashers of our streaky bacon for the soup and as much extra for serving as you like 25g butter An onion 400g leeks 3 [...]

Ginger Glazed Gammon

A glazed ham can seem a daunting task but the benefit of our Ginger Glazed Gammon recipe is that the glaze is actually relatively simple. The sticky ginger adds yet more taste to our flavoursome gammon joints – which come in many shapes and sizes, so although the recipe is tailored to serving many people, you can adjust for size as you need. Ingredients A whole unsmoked horseshoe gammon joint 100g soft dark brown sugar 6l dry ginger ale Half a teaspoon of ground [...]