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Pigs in blankets, black pudding style  

With black pudding being described as a Superfood and our sausages containing over 85% prime pork, this seasonal treat can be used to provide an alternative snack for all the family at any time of the year.  All you need is 1 pack of Wiltshire Bacon Streaky Bacon, 200g of Black Pudding Roll and 6 Wiltshire Bacon Thick Pork Sausages. Remove the skin from the black pudding and trim off each end.  Cut the black pudding roll in half and then [...]

Slow Roasted Rolled Belly of Pork

Pork Belly – Seasoned and Roasted to Perfection Preparation Time: 5 Minutes Cooking Time: About 3 Hours Serves 6 Ingredients1 Stick of Celery A Generous Amount of Black Pepper 1 Table Spoon of Sea Salt 1 Bunch of Oregano 1 Bunch of Basil 3 Table Spoons of Olive Oil 2kg of Pork Belly 50cm Butchers StringCooking MethodPreheat oven to 200C/Gas 6. Chop Celery into rings and Sauté with herbs, Pepper and Salt with half the Olive Oil. Place the Pork Belly skin down on your chopping board, generously apply and rub the [...]

Sausage Casserole Recipe

Sausage Casserole - A Delicious Winter Warmer A fantastic winter meal that uses Wiltshire Bacon's Cumberland Sausages & Smoked Streaky Bacon for a truly unique flavour. This warming & filling dish is delicious with some warm crusty bread and its perfect for freezing. Preparation time: Around 45mins Cooking time: Around 45 - 60mins Serves: 6 Ingredients1 tbsp oil 12 Wiltshire Bacon Cumberland Sausages 6 rashers of Wiltshire Bacon smoked streaky bacon, cut into 1-inch strips 2 onions 100g sliced chestnut mushrooms 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 tsp smoked paprika 400g tin chopped tomatoes 325ml chicken stock 2 tbsp tomato purée 1 tbsp Worcestershire [...]

Cooking Your Bacon Collar Joint This Christmas

All you need to know for cooking your Bacon Collar Joint this Christmas The bacon collar joint is a cured shoulder of pork that is cooked and served whole, rather than sliced. Best served hot, collar joints are beautifully marbled with fat so are full of flavour, which also makes them so easy to cook. We like to think that the way we look after our pigs, rearing them outdoors with plenty of fresh air, makes them taste even better supported [...]

How To Make A Bacon Sandwich – Option 1

It goes without saying - maybe we are biased - that the secret to making the best bacon sandwich is in the bacon and in particular Wiltshire Dry Cured Bacon. But don't forget the bread and what's on it. With all the websites and blogs on The Bacon Sandwich remember it's all very much about personal taste. So it seems only right for us to write about what our customers tell us and you can make up your own mind. Let's [...]

Eggy Bacon Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast might not seem like the world’s most conventional idea, but we promise that with our British dry-cured bacon, it won’t be something you regret. Alternatively, these small dough treats (around six from the ingredients listed) will feed you at any time of the day with their delicious blend of flavours. Ingredients Dough: 450g flour 10g yeast 300ml lukewarm water 25ml extra virgin olive oil Sea salt Toppings for six pizzas: 6 tomatoes Eighteen rashers of Wiltshire Bacon’s unsmoked back bacon 6 eggs More olive oil and sea salt, [...]

Perfect Gammon Pasta

Our unique curing techniques and happy British pigs make for the most delectable gammon. This simple dish combines our unsmoked gammon steaks with pasta and cream for a warming and flavoursome meal that won’t take too long to prepare. To serve four people you should set aside a little over half an hour to prepare and cook our perfect gammon pasta. Ingredients 2 unsmoked gammon steaks 2 teaspoons tomato purée 1 teaspoon olive oil 300ml double cream An onion Three-quarters of a punnet button mushrooms Around 650g pasta [...]

Spicy Bacon and Sausage Rolls

This recipe puts quite a twist on the traditional hot dog on which it is based. A world away from the “normal” hot dog, we combine our finest pork sausages and bacon from happy pigs then give some extra kicks of flavour to create a delicacy. We’ve written our recipe to create six delicious rolls. Ingredients 6 crusty rolls 6 pork sausages 6 rashers bacon 3 jalapeño peppers A large onion Two tablespoons oil Condiments for pork to suit your tastes Step 1 If you wish, begin by slightly heating the rolls [...]

Smokey Bacon Sandwich

There’s no denying it: the classic bacon sandwich takes some beating, especially if it uses Wiltshire Dry Cured Bacon. However, this chicken and cheese bacon sandwich might just do it, particularly if you need something a little more substantial. The combination of the two types of meat and the cheese in light, fluffy bread give an incredible taste from a relatively short preparation time. Ingredients Rashers of smoked bacon 120ml mayonnaise 60ml sour cream Your favourite stick of white bread Shreds from a rotisserie chicken Sliced [...]

Fried Bacon with Sprouts

This dish is very easy, quick and will add to any great menu, streaky bacon or bacon misshapes from our outdoor-reared pigs are sure to impress with their varied textures and striking taste. Serve as vegetable side dish with a difference. This recipe will feed approximately 4 people. Ingredients 200g streaky bacon or Bacon Misshapes knob of unsalted butter 500g sprouts-big ones are best pinch of pepper to season. Step 1 Slice and fry the mouth-watering Wiltshire Bacon streaky bacon at a medium heat so it becomes golden. Set [...]